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Our company consists of skilled technicians Scientists on Energy Saving and Energy Upgrade Electromechanical Equipment in Building & Industrial Plants, aiming to perform investment management and saving energy with an index of success in the shortest time depreciation of the investment.

Within Saving Electricity and Fuel Saving our company offers

 Systems Production & Management of Electricity from RES Hybrid Systems

 System Features :

 - Internal consumption in the building directly from the energy generated

- Stand- by batteries , critical consumption during power outages

- Interface with Network PPC under MetMetering

- Full autonomy in buildings that are not interconnected in Grid or want to get rid of it.

- Full control & management system from controller

- Ability scalable system

- Ability to create installation - single and three-phase networks

  Energy Saving Power - Fuel .

( Production & Management Hot water through solar thermal systems )

 System Features :

 - The solar thermal system manages data in maximum high thermokarsion hot water, can be operated in existing solar thermal elements or new facilities at our study

- Hot water high temperatures

In - roof small surface area can be placed as solar thermal elements which reason of their specificity , their power is equal to conventional solar thermal elements require three times the size .

- Full Control and Management System that works "smart " to the needs of the installation , production , storage and management of hot water.

  Cold Temperature Monitoring System and Monitoring Operation Goodwill .

 Within upgrading building control systems & industrial facilities and also the obligations of food business based EFET instruction, our company offers

 System Features :

Remote monitoring via Data - H / Y for full control functions equipment

- Recording and Data Storage

- Event Notification via Mail and receiving SMS