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At PVMAINT, we design and implement stand-alone electricity generation systems to cover all your energy requirements as regards permanent or holiday homes and all other facilities that have either not been connected to the Public Power Corporation's grid or that wish to cover part of their energy requirements through photovoltaic and hybrid systems.

 With your service and satisfaction always in mind, we are able to design and install any independent system, suited to your specific requirements and energy needs.

From production to consumption in a single step

The main advantage of the installations in question is that the electricity generated by the photovoltaic panels during the day (i.e. when the required power reaches its peak) is channelled directly to the relevant consumption needs.

The output of the generator (or PPC) and the electricity storage accumulators will be connected to the converter’s input (e.g. Sunny Island), so that Sunny Island (central converter) can channel the energy produced directly from the photovoltaic system, and add electricity from the accumulators whenever necessary. In the event that the capacity of the accumulators drops below the threshold established by the monitoring converter (Sunny Island), then Sunny Island itself will generate a command for the activation and deactivation of the generator (or connection-disconnection from the PPC network). Once the generator starts up, part of the electricity is used to charge the accumulator, and part of it is used to cover domestic needs.

Backup option for power cuts

In the event of a power cut from the PPC, then Sunny Island will absorb energy from the accumulators and add this to the power produced by the photovoltaic panels, in order to cover domestic requirements.

Expandable system

Another advantage of these systems is the easy scalability . In the exit channel and the alternating current that feeds the consumption could be connected directly one or more sources of power . Schematic distinguished scalability of the system.

Ability Autoproducers ( channeling an energy leftover PPC )

The system is easy to understand that occasionally we produce energy and will not be passed anywhere because, either there will be no consumption or the consumption will be less than the electricity produced . So the consumer can become a small power producer ( autoproduction) which will channel - excess electricity to the grid .

Ability telecommand system with the Sunny WebBox

Through the SMA Sunny WebBox can obtain information about the current state of the system and to make early detection of potential lesions. There is also the possibility of choice and change the parameters of the inverter. All that is required to access the data WebBox is a computer and connection to the Internet. Finally the system described there is the possibility of installation and telecommand from us , so early detection of potential problems .

Having always in mind the best possible service and meet energy needs , we have the ability to design and install any system energy savings , tailored to your requirements .

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